Rules and Expectations

Please learn and follow our rules and expectations for CCD sessions.


Students must wait in the front foyer until their classroom sign changes from “stop” to “go.” Students are not allowed to enter their classrooms before a teacher is present.

Students may not visit other classrooms or wander the halls before class unless they are given special permission.

Students may not bring food or gum into the school.

Students may not touch anything inside any desks, including the teacher desk.

Students may not use cell phones or smart phones for calls, texts, game, or any other reason while class is in session. If students must have phones with them, they must be turned off and kept out of sight from 6:30pm to 7:45pm.

Students may not open windows or adjust blinds.

Students must sit in their assigned seats.



Students should attend every class possible. Students should have no more than two absences for the entire school year.

If a student must miss class, then he or she is required to visit the class website, see what material was covered that day, and complete the reading assignments before the next CCD session.

Classes run from 6:30pm to 7:45pm. Students are expected to be on time. Do not expect to be dismissed before 7:45.

Students should bring their textbook and a pen or pencil to every class.

Use the restroom before class to help reduce interruptions to the lessons.

Students should be attentive in class.

Students should be respectful to our teachers, our priests, other students, and to the building.