Homeschooling Requirements

PDF Version

  1. Pick up textbook.
  2. Download Diocesan Guidelines
  • Diocese Offices (menu top of main page)
  • Religious Education (3rd column under leadership and development)
  • Religious Education Curriculum
  • Curriculum Guidelines
  1. Turn in work (in one of the suggested formats listed below) once a month at the rectory, at Monday evening CCD or through the mail slot at 5660 Cross Street.
  • Study Guides from Spirit of Truth religion book or Chapter Reproducible Masters, Printable Activities from Sadlier Connect We Believe website.
  • Parent designed projects, reports, artwork, field trips or service work that relates to chapter.

Assignment Schedule:

  • End of October – Chapters 1-5
  • End of November – Chapters 6-8
  • End of December – Chapters 9-11
  • End of January – Chapters 12-14
  • End of February – Chapter 15-17
  • End of March – Chapters 18-20
  • End of April – Chapter 21-23
  1. Participate in Advent Night as well as Lenten Reconciliation
  2. Meet with Coordinator or an interview at end of May

*There is no homeschooling option for Second or Eighth Grade.