Grade 7

Mrs. Grande and Mrs. Dawley

Class #20 – March 19, 2018

Confession Night

Class #17 – February 26, 2018

Seder Dinner Night

Class #14 – January 29, 2018

Preparation for Sacraments

Class #13 – January 22, 2018 (Dawley’s Class)


  • Midterm Assessment (page s 135-138)
  • Chapter 13 – Sacraments

Main Ideas:

  • What we learned from Chapters 1-12
  • Understand God shares His love through the sacraments
  • Appreciate the gift of the Sacraments and their importance for us as members of the Church
  • Respond to the gift of the Sacraments by participating in them with faith and by living what we celebrate

“We Believe” Book Pages: 135-138, 144-147


  • Begin researching Sacraments and Topics, get ready for presentations
  • Vocab words: Sacrament, Sanctifying Grace, liturgy, sanctify

Class #13 – January 22, 2018 (Grande’s Class)

Topic: The Sacraments

Main Ideas:

  • What are the Sacraments?
  • Unit 2 Assessment
  • Midyear Assessment
  • Intro to the 7 Sacaments

“We Believe” Book Pages: 130-149

Homework: Seven Sacraments Project

Class #12 – January 8, 2018

Topic: Jesus is the Bread of Life; Jesus Accomplished His plan of salvation through Paschal Mystery

Main Ideas:

  • Jesus wants His disciples to have life with God forever
  • Jesus gives Himself as the Bread of Life and our Savior
  • God is always present and with us through the person of Jesus Christ
  • Jesus, through Paschal Mystery (His suffering, death, Resurrection, and Ascension), accomplished His work of Salvation.
  • We must open our hearts to Jesus’s call to share joy in our gifts of the Body of Christ in the world
  • We share in Christ’s work of salvation through what we say and what we do

“We Believe” Book Pages: 118-121, 126, 128, 130


  • Study Red words: Eternal Life, Real Presence, Ascension, Paschal Mystery
  • Do Quizzes for Chapter 11 and Chapter 12

Class #11 – December 18, 2017

Prepared for Christmas Break

Class #10 – December 11, 2017

Topic: Jesus the Healer

Main Ideas:

  • Jesus has the power to heal and forgive.
  • During His ministry, Jesus called the Apostles and disciples to share in His mission.
  • Jesus calls us to have faith in His ability to heal us and forgive us.
  • We must reach out to others with Jesus’s offer of healing, compassion, and forgiveness.

“We Believe” Book Pages: 106, 108, 111, and 113

Homework: Read words in red. Learn “Sabbath,” and “Apostles”

Complete test on page 113

Class# 9, December 4, 2017

Family Advent Night – Advent celebration and activities.

Class# 8, November 27, 2017

Topic: The Coming of God’s Kingdom

Main Ideas:

  • God’s Kingdom is the power of Gad’s love, active in our lives and in the world
  • Trust that by living according to the Beatitudes, we will find happiness as we spread God’s Kingdom
  • Proclaim God’s Kingdom everyday in what we say and what we do.
  • There are eight different Beatitudes. Quotes from the Gospel of Mathew explain their messages

Pages: 96-103


  • Review Red Words – Kingdom of God, Beatitudes
  • Do quiz on page 103
  • Go over parts of the Mass

Class #7 – November 20, 2017 (Grande)

Topic: Parts of the Mass; Jesus the Messiah

Main Ideas: 

  • The coming of Jesus Christ fulfilled Israel’s hopes for the promised Messiah
  • Trust that Jesus Christ, true God and true man, continues to be with us and to share God’s life with us in a special way
  • Evangelize by sharing the truth that Jesus was the true Messiah
  • Many expected the Messiah in different ways and were surprised by Him being a humble man, how He died and how He was born again
  • Reviewed The Seven Sacraments

“We Believe” Book Pages: Mass-309, 87-98

Assignments: Review red words, infancy narratives, and consecrate

Do quiz on page 93.

Class #6 – November 13, 2017 (Grande)

Topic: Chapter Six

Main Ideas: 

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • Pope John Paul II
  • Decision Making

“We Believe” Book Pages: p 61-72

Assignments: Unit 1 Assessment

Class #6 – November 13, 2017 (Dawley)

Topic: The Promise of Salvation

Main Ideas: 

  • Original Sin weakened our human nature and allowed ignorance, suffering, and death into the world
  • God promised salvation through His son, the Messiah
  • We should help one another to serve and fulfill God’s promise of salvation
  • God gave people hope.

“We Believe” Book Pages: p 76-83

Assignments: Review Faith Words: Free Will, Sin, Original Sin, Immaculate Conception, Angel, Annuciation

Class #5 – October 30, 2017 (Grande)

Topic: The Gospels

Main Ideas: 

The Gospels

  • Identify the four Gospels
  • Compare and contrast the Gospels
  • What are parables?
  • All Saints Day and All Souls Day

“We Believe” Book Pages:  Chapter 5

Assignments: Complete Saint Paper

Class #5 – October 30, 2017 (Dawley)

Topic: Holy Spirit, Helper and Guide

Main Ideas: 

Holy Spirit Helper and Guide

  • The Holy Spirit is present and active in God’s plan for salvation
  • Trust the Holy Spirit to guide the life and teachings of the church
  • Rely on the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Symbols of the Holy Spirit

“We Believe” Book Pages:  p 62-68

Assignments: Review vocabulary (Prophet, Messiah, Pentecost); Do Chapter 6 assignment; Do Unit 1 assignments 71-72

Class #3 – October 16, 2017

Topic: The blessed Trininty

Main Ideas: 

  • The Blessed Trinity is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
  • Evangelization – God News Spread
  • The Old Testament reflects God’s love by His creations (Genesis passages)
  • Covenant/Contracts – God’s contract to us and how we go into contracts today
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Jesus is the Greatest sign of God’s Love

“We Believe” Book Pages: 32-49

Assignments: None

Class #2 – October 3, 2017

Topic: The Holy Trinity

Main Ideas:

  • How is The Trinity significant in our lives?

“We Believe” Book Pages: Chapter 2 and the beginning of Chapter 3

Assignments: Worksheet

Class #1 – September 26, 2017

Topic: How Do We Know God is Present in Our Lives, and How Do We Show God in Our Lives?

Main Ideas: 

  • Would God like our image?
  • What Image do we want others to have of us?
  • How does God show us that he is with us?
  • Questions about miracles

“We Believe” Book Pages: 11-18

Assignments: Family Crest