Grade 3B

3rd Grade, Room 7B – Teachers, Mrs. Teresa Grande

Lesson #8 – December 3, 2018

Topic: Advent

Main Ideas:

  • What is Advent?
  • Why do we celebrate?
  • Advent Wreaths
  • Kindness Calendars (Page1, Page2)

Lesson #7 – November 19, 2018

Third Grade held their Saint Party – Students shared their Saint Reports.

Lesson #6 – November 12, 2018

Topic: The Church Begins: We learn about the early Church

Main Ideas: 

  • The Holy Spirit comes to the disciples
  • How does the Church grow?
  • The early Church
  • The Acts of the Apostles

Book Pages: 43-58


  • Chapter test completed in class
  • Saint Project due next week

Lesson #5 – October 29, 2018

Full classes were postponed this week, so students could hold a prayer service for The Tree of Life Synagogue.


  • Prayer for Peace
  • Prayer for Service
  • Cards for Police officers
  • Introduce Saint Project

Homework: Saint Project and Service Project

Students will research the life of a Saint. Complete instructions Here


Lesson #4 – October 22, 2018

Topic: Christ will come again

Main Ideas:

  • Jesus has power over life and death
  • Jesus teaches us to love one another
  • What ways can we show that we love others?
  • How the Church began
  • The Holy Spirit came to the disciples

Book Pages: 35-45

Homework: none

Lesson #3 – October 15, 2018

Topic: Jesus teaches us about God’s love

Main Ideas:

  • Jesus died to save us.
  • Jesus teaches us about His kingdom.
  • Jesus tells us how much God loves us.
  • Chapter 2 test
  • The story of Noah

Book Pages: 27

Homework: No Homework, Made crosses of why God loves us.

Lesson #2 – October 1, 2018

Topic: Jesus Teaches us About God’s Love

Main Ideas:

  • Bible – The book in which God’s word is written
  • Kingdom of God – the world we make when we use God’s power
  • Faith – A gift from God that helps us to believe in Him
  • Crucified – Nailed to the cross to die
  • Resurrection – When Jesus rose from the dead
  • The story of the Mustard Seed (Luke 17:5-6)

Textbook Pages: Chapter 2

Homework: None

Lesson #1 – September 24, 2018

Topic: The Symbols of the Holy Trinity; Getting to know You; Gospel Reflection

Main Ideas:

Jesus shows us the we are all created and loved by God

The symbols of the Holy Trinity

Getting to Know you

St. Michael the Archangel

Textbook Pages: Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3, pages 19-22

Homework: none