Grade 3

Ms. Stacie Starzynski

Class #23 – April 16, 2018

Topic: The Easter Season

Main Ideas:

  • The Easter Season is 50 days
  • The students named 3 things that they believe about God. (Parents, ask them to share with you.)
  • Doubting Thomas and how he did not believe that Jesus rose from the dead.
  • Blessed are those who have not seen and believed (john 20:29)

“We Believe” Book Pages: 227-232

 Homework: The students recapped their knowledge and completed a summary page to share at home.

Class #22 – April 9, 2018

Topic: Easter Memories; Jesus Heals Us

Main Ideas:

  • We pray for healing and for eternal life
  • Through the sacrament of The Anointing of the Sick, those who are sick receive God’s grace and comfort.
  • There is a special Anointing of the Sick Mass at St. Gabriels on April 22.
  • Death is sad and not easy to understand. We believe life continues after death, called eternal life, which is happiness in heaven.

“We Believe” Book Pages: Chapter 19, pages 163-167

Class #21 – March 26, 2018

Topic: Easter Week and how much Jesus Loves Us

Main Ideas:

  • Jesus died on the cross for us on Good Friday
  • Jesus’ journey: Palm Sunday through Holy Week
  • Finished coloring project, glued on colored paper
  • He has Risen! Display project on the fridge or door at home for your family to see.

“We Believe” Book Pages: None (worksheet day)

 Homework: Share your coloring page with your family.

Class #20 – March 19, 2018

Topic: Reconciliation at the Church

Main Ideas:

  • The 14 Stations of the Cross
  • Palm Sunday 2018 is on March 25
  • The Holy Triduum – Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday
  • Lenten word search
  • Textbook: none


  • Share the Stations of the Cross booklet with your family
  • Share what you learned about each Station

Class #19 – March 12, 2018

Topic: Preparation for Reconciliation on 3/19; Stations of the Cross

Main Ideas:

  • The Fifteen stations, ending with Jesus rising from the dead
  • Recite a prayer after each station
  • Colored “Book of Stations,” which will be sent home on Monday, March 19th.

“We Believe” Book Pages: none, handouts only

 Homework: Share papers with parents. Practice Act of Contrition for Reconciliation.

Class #18 – March 5, 2018

Topic: The Three Days (The Holy Triduum)

Main ideas:

  • Learned what is celebrated during each of the Three Days.
  • It is the Church’s greatest celebration and is like bridge from Lent to Easter.
  • The students split into 4 groups and were each assigned one of the Three Days to draw symbols or a story that signifies their assigned day.
  • Each group presented their drawings to the class.

“We Believe” Book Pages: 177 to 180

 Homework: Remind your parents about Reconciliation on March 19

Class #17 – February 26, 2018

Topic: Key Terms About Lent

Main Ideas:

  • Reviewed a handout (which was sent home with students) about our patron, Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin
  • Saint Gabriel’s Feast Day is February 27
  • The class split into two groups and played a quiz game about Lent Vocabulary Words
  • “The Lenten Path” that walks us through the 40 days of Lent

Homework: Share the handout on Saint Gabriel with your family. Put the Lenten Path page on your fridge.

Confession is scheduled fo 3/19 during class. We will have a refresher at the 3/12 class, along with handouts for the students to bring home.

Class #16 – February 12, 2018

Topic: Lent: A Time to Grow in Faith

Main Ideas:

  • Lent is our time of preparing for Easter
  • Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14) and lasts for 40 days
  • Ashes are a sign that we are sorry for our sins
  • Worked on a coloring page of a priest giving ashes.

“We Believe” Book Pages: 171-174

 Homework: Shared what sacrifices we will make, ideas for prayers we can say each morning.

Class #15 – February 5, 2018

Topic: Penance and Reconciliation

Main Ideas:

  • The story of Maurice and Randy and how t is important to forgive
  • 2 Types of sins – Mortal and Venial
  • The parable of the 2 sons (Luke 15:11-32)
  • Contrition -being sorry
  • Confession – telling our sins to the priest
  • Penance – prayer that shows our sorrows

Homework: Display coloring page on the fridge – Completed activity page on Reconciliation at St. Gabriel’s (every Saturday from noon to 1:00pm).

Class #14 – January 29, 2018

Topic: The Four Parts of the Mass

Main Ideas:

  • What occurs during each part of the Mass
  • The responses to each of the statements said during Mass
  • Learned the prayer on page 152 (Agreed to say the prayer at the end of each class)
  • St. Katharine Drexel dedicated her life to serving God
  • Vocab Review (Hangman game)

“We Believe” Book Pages: Pages 147-154

 Homework: None

Class #13 – January 22, 2018

Topic: Refresher from last class – The Sacraments (Chapter 15)

Celebrating the Eucharist: The Mass (Chapter 16)

Main Ideas:

  • The Eucharist means “to give thanks”
  • The celebration of the Eucharist is also called the Mass, where we are strengthened to live our faith
  • Holy Days of Obligation
  • We should celebrate the Mass each week and we are required to participate in the Mass on the Holy Days of Obligation (Jan 1, Aug 15, Nov 1, Dec 8, Dec 25.)

“We Believe” Book Pages: Pages 139-144

Homework: We colored a page for the kids to share and place on their refrigerator

Class #12 – January 8, 2018

Topic: The Sacraments

Main Ideas:

  • There are seven sacraments
  • “Sacrament” means “Sign
  • Some sacraments are initiations, some are for healing, and others are for training and service
  • Project: made new envelopes for the second half of the year and drew symbols that represent the sacraments.

“We Believe” Book Pages: 131-138

Homework: None

Class #11 – December 18, 2017

Prepared for Christmas Break

Class #10 – December 11, 2017

Topic: Prayers and the Parish (Chapters 10 and 11)

Main Ideas:

  • Different types of prayers
  • We can pray silently at any time of the day
  • The Rosary (Mrs. Vater visited with a large rosary)
  • When we pray the rosary, we are praying to Mary for intercession (help)
  • The Pastor of St. Gabriel is Father John.
  • There are many ways to serve our parish.

“We Believe” Book Pages: 91 to 106

Homework: none

Class# 9, December 4, 2017

Family Advent Night – Advent celebration and activities.

Class# 8, November 27, 2017

Topic: The Liturgical Calendar and the Season of Advent

Main Ideas:

  • Liturgical Calendar compared to the Julian calendar.
  • Advent is a time of preparation.
  • Joseph would have tried very hard to prepare the stable for the birth of Jesus.
  • Ways to prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus: going to church, praying and serving others.
  • Times of celebration in the church (Christmas and Easter) They are such special times that they are seasons of celebration not single days.
  • The growing time – It takes up most of the Liturgical Year
  • We “grow” our faith by reading or listening to scripture about Jesus’ ministry, miracles, teachings and death and resurrection.
  • Identified Pentecost as falling at the end of the Easter season. It is a guide for what Jesus intended us to as his disciples.

Liturgical colors song: 

Purple and green and red and white are the colors of the year.

Purple and green and red and white remind of the light.

Purple is for preparation.

White is for celebration.

Green is for the growing time.

Red is for Pentecost.

Purple and green and red and white are the colors of the year.

Purple and green and red and white remind of the light.

Class #7 – November 20, 2017

Topic: Ordinary Time

Main Ideas: 

  • During Ordinary Time, the priests wear green vestments.
  • Green signifies life and hope
  • During Ordinary Time, The Church celebrates many feasts ad remembers saints
  • We pray for many things through the year
  • At Thanksgiving, and everyday, we should thank God for all we have.

“We Believe” Book Pages: 66-72

Assignments: None

Class #6 – November 13, 2017

Topic: The Church Year

Main Ideas: 

  • The Church year celebrates Jesus
  • The seasons of the Church year help us grow in faith
  • The seasons are Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, Three Days, Easter, and the second part of Ordinary Time.
  • Advent starts on December 3rd.
  • St. Gabriel family Advent night on December 3

“We Believe” Book Pages: p 59-64, and 71 s a verbal test

Assignments: p64, “take home”

Class #5 – October 30, 2017

Topic: The Early Church

Main Ideas: The Early Church and All Saints Day

The Early Church

  • Apostles led the early church
  • Jesus’s followers stood up for their faith
  • Vocabulary: Act of the Apostles, Gospels, Martyrs
  • The Church grew as more and more Christians followed Jesus
  • Followers of Jesus listened to the “good news” (Gospel) from the disciples

All Saints Day

  • All Saints Day is November 1st.
  • Millions of Christians lived before us. They are our “Ancestors in Faith”
  • The Church calls some of these ancestors “Saints” and we pray for their guidance.
  • Reviewed books about saints and shared what we learned.

“We Believe” Book Pages:  51-58

Assignments: Color the ICHTUS (fish) and display it on you fridge so family members can see it.

Class #3 – October 16, 2017

Topic: “Christ will come again:” Jesus has power over life and death

Main Ideas: 

  • The story of Lazarus (Jesus loved his friends)
  • “Stay awake” for the coming of Jesus
  • As you wait, be a good person
  • Ways to be good (Smile, say hello, help out at home.)
  • Vocabulary Words – Heaven, Jesus’ Second Coming, The Last Judgement

“We Believe” Book Pages:  35-41

Assignments: None

Class #2 – October 2, 2017

Topic: Jesus tells us how much He loves us, About the Kingdom of God, and the true gift of Faith

Main Ideas:

  • Faith is a gift from God
  • Looked at pictures and discussed what they mean
  • The Bible has two parts: The Old Testament and The New Testament
  • Jesus’ Resurrection (activity page)

“We Believe” Book Pages: 27-32

Assignments: Bookmark Project, on corner of page 33. For next week.

Class #1 – September 25, 2017

Topic: The Blessed Trinity and Incarnation

Main Ideas: 

  • Jesus’ childhood at the temple and in Nazareth
  • Jesus learned from his father, Joseph, who was a carpenter
  • Jesus’ cousin John was a prophet
  • Disciples and Apostles
  • Religious symbols – Alpha and Omega, The Sacred Heart, and The Lamb
  • Unit 1 Test (brought home)

“We Believe” Book Pages: 19-23


  • Page 24 (for fun)
  • Page 25 (homework, as time permits)