Grade 2A

Mrs. Byers

Class #11 – December 18, 2017

Prepared for Christmas Break

Class# 9, December 4, 2017

Family Advent Night – Advent celebration and activities.

Class #7 – November 20, 2017 

Topic: The Sacraments

Main Ideas: 

  • Baptism and Confirmation

“We Believe” Book Pages: Chapters 4 and 5

Assignments: Work on memorizing prayers

Class #5 – October 30, 2017

Topic: Confirmation and Seasons of the Church

Main Ideas: 

  • Two Scrapbook pages:
  • 1st page: Special Prayer to the Holy Spirit
  • 2nd page: Seasons of the Church (Lent, Advent, Christmas, Easter, 3 Days, Ordinary Time

“We Believe” Book Pages: 52-55, 60-64

Assignments: PracticePrayers –  Hail Mary, Glory Be, Our Father

Class #4 – October 23, 2017

Topic: Baptism

Main Ideas: 

  • We become a child of God and a member of the church at Baptism
  • We receive God’s grace at Baptism

“We Believe” Book Pages: 44-47

Assignments: Practice Our Father,Hail Mary, and Glory Be. Talk about your Baptism (What church? What priest? Who are your Godparents?)

Class #3 – October 16, 2017

Topic: Fatima and the Blessed Mother

Main Ideas: 

  • Fatima Movie

“We Believe” Book Pages: None

Assignments: None

Class #2 – October 3, 2017

Topic: Jesus Gives Us the Church at Pentecost.

  • Main Ideas:
    Early one Sunday morning the disciples were together in one place.
  • The disciple heard a noise like a strong wind.
  • They saw what looked like flames of fire over each of them.
  • The disciples went out into the street.
  • Many people joined the church.


For being our teacher.
Thank you, Jesus.
For giving us new life.
Thank you, Jesus.
For sending the Holy Spirit,
Thank you, Jesus.

Class #1 – September 25, 2017

Topic: I Believe – Amen

Main Ideas:

  • The Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)
  • The Holy Family (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph)
  • Jesus is the Light of the World
  • Prayers

“We Believe” Book Pages: R1-R6

Assignments: Say Grace before meals.