CCD Textbook Information

Sadlier Religion

We Believe Catholic Identity Program

First Grade: God Loves Us

Emphasis: the Trinity

Features: God is our loving father & creator. Jesus is God’s Son. He taught us about God and about love. Jesus had many followers. Jesus sends us his Holy Spirit to help us as a church to grow closer to God. The Holy Spirit continues to be our helper and guide. We belong to a parish community. We remember Jesus at Mass & the Eucharist.

Second Grade: Jesus Shares God’s Life

Emphasis: Sacraments of Initiation & Healing

Features: Jesus welcomes us into the church through Baptism and seals us with his Holy Spirit at Confirmation. Jesus gives us the gift of himself in the Eucharist.  We explore the two parts of the Mass: Liturgy of the Word & Liturgy of the Eucharist. God gives us laws (commandments) to remind us how important it is to love Him and to love others. Jesus wants us to follow God’s laws but assures us of his forgiveness if we sin. (Sacrament of Penance)

Third Grade:We are the Church

Emphasis: Jesus, Holy Spirit & Church

Features: As promised, after Jesus’ death, he does not leave us alone. He sends his Spirit and the Spirit guides Jesus’ followers in forming the Church. The Church has four distinct marks: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. The Church prays & worships together at Mass. The Church celebrates 7 Sacraments, whichhelp us to experience God’s presence. The Church continues the work of Jesus.

Fourth Grade: God’s Law Guides Us

Emphasis: Morality

Features: Jesus is the way, the truth & the life and he leads us to real happiness.(Beatitudes) Sin is in our world but our conscience is our guide. Each of the Ten Commandments is explored in detail and applied to our everyday lives. We are called to be disciples of Jesus, he is our model of holiness, and the church helps us to live up to our responsibilities as members of God’s family.

Fifth Grade: We Meet Jesus in the Sacraments

Emphasis: Sacraments

Features: Through Jesus’ life and ministry we come to understand how he gives us these 7 special signs of his presence. Jesus welcomed-Sacraments of Initiation, Jesus healedSacraments of Healing, Jesus loved-Sacraments of Service. Jesus calls each of us to live as his disciples.

Sixth Grade: We are God’s People

Emphasis: Old Testament

Features: God reveals himself through creation. God chooses a people to be his own and forms a Covenant. We meet the patriarchs and journey through slavery, freedom, the building of a nation, a divided nation, a nation in exile, prophets and predictions of the incarnation. We Live Our Faith Catholic Identity Program

Seventh Grade:We Live Our Faith as Disciples of Jesus

Emphasis: Jesus’ life and his teachings

Features: An examination of Jesus’ life and teachings, and the sacraments he instituted. Presentation of Jesus’ call to each person to become his disciple and the ways in which his teachings, his sacraments, and his Church nourish people for discipleship.